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GVB Bus PID 10x7
Version 1.0
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GVB Bus PID 10x7 Font main detail
Font family: GVB Bus PID 10x7
Font style:
  • Regular
Number of glyphs:
  • 172
File Unique ID:
  • FontStruct GVB Bus PID 10x7
Font version:
  • Version 1.0
Font weight:
  • 400
Font postscript:
  • GVB-Bus-PID-10x7
File format:
  • ttf
Font type:
  • TrueType
Font copyright:
  • Copyright Jeffrey Visser 2011 “GVB Bus PID 10x7” is based on “GVB Bus PID 7x4” by “Jeffrey Visser” (